The Greenwood Credit Union Officers and Management team is comprised of ...


Frederick W. Reinhardt - President and CEO

Tel: 401-562-2706
E-mail: freinhardt@greenwoodcu.org


Joseph Lajoie - Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Tel: 401-562-2709
E-mail: jlajoie@greenwoodcu.org


Marianne Varatta - Senior Vice President, Retail Banking

Tel: 401-562-2712
E-mail: mvaratta@greenwoodcu.org


Lori Coletta - Vice President, Human Resources

Tel:  401-562-2744

E-mail: lcoletta@greenwoodcu.org

Stephen Elias - Vice President, Indirect Lending

Tel: 401-562-2736
E-mail: selias@greenwoodcu.org


Holly E. Ferrara - Vice President, Commercial Lending

Tel: 401-562-2784
E-mail: hferrara@greenwoodcu.org


Janet A. McAuslin - Vice President, Operations

Tel: 401-562-2714
E-mail: jmcauslin@greenwoodcu.org


Michael Aurecchia  – Assistant Vice President, Retail Lending

Tel: 401-562-2774
Email: maurecchia@greenwoodcu.org


Jessica DaSilva - Assistant Vice President, Loan Operations

Tel: 401-562-2745
Email: jdasilva@greenwoodcu.org


Melissa Danielian - Assistant Vice President, Deposit Operations

Tel: 401-562-2738
Email: mdanielian@greenwoodcu.org


Siran Krikorian - Assistant Vice President, Retail Banking, Training and Development Coordinator


Tel: 401-562-2757

E-mail: skrikorian@greenwoodcu.org


Dianne Lyman – Assistant Vice President, Information Technology (IT)

Tel: 401-562-2724
E-mail: dlyman@greenwoodcu.org


Stephen Ritarossi – Assistant Vice President, Collections

Tel: 401-562-2779
E-mail: sritarossi@greenwoodcu.org

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