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Initial Login for
Business Online Banking

Initial Login for Business Online Banking

Step 1 of 10

From our homepage click on the Log In button under Online Banking

Step 2

In the pop up box enter your username (same as previously) and password (last 6 digits of your business Tax ID number- this is only temporary), click “Log In”


Step 3

Our terms and conditions of using online banking will appear, check the box that says “I have read and accept the terms and conditions”, the continue box should highlight, click “Continue”


Step 4

On the change password screen, fill in the current password (this will be the last 6 digits of your business Tax ID number). Then select a new password and confirm that new password. We recommend that new password be at least 12 characters long with a combination of numbers, letters, and special characters. Once all three boxes have been completed click “Save”



Step 5

On the security question screen, choose five different questions as well as the answer. Once all five questions have been selected and answers provided click “Continue”



Step 6

On the Identity verification screen, the phone number we have on file should prefill. You can either use this number or type in a different number to receive a one-time passcode. The text message box prefills but you can also receive a call as verification (by selecting the appropriate radial button). Click “Save” when selections have been made.



Step 7

You will receive a text or call (depending on selection on the previous screen) with a one-time passcode. Enter that passcode and click “Verify”



Step 8

On the Business Profile Screen enter the information into the boxes. Once complete press “Save”



Step 9

On the email address screen. Please enter your email address and verify that same email, once completed, click “Save”



Step 10 of 10

We will automatically send an email to the address you verified on the previous screen. Retrieve that code and enter on the Enter Verification Code screen. Once you have entered the code press “Activate”.



Congratulations! You have registered for the new enhanced online banking. Click here for a full list of new and exciting enhancements, as well as items that require member action. Once you register for online banking, you do not need to reregister for mobile banking. Simply use the password you just created to enjoy Business Online and Business Mobile Banking.