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LIMITED TIME Certificate Specials


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Effective Date November 2, 2022

Certificate of Deposits

The information in the rate table below may not fully be viewable on certain smaller resolution devices. Please scroll the table contents or you can rotate your device to landscape orientation to ensure you are viewing the entire table contents.

Certificates of DepositAPY+RateMinimum to OpenOpen Online
3 Month0.40%0.40%$1,000.00Open Account
6 Month3.00%2.96%$1,000.00Open Account
1 Year0.70%0.70%$1,000.00Open Account
13 Month4.00%3.92%$1000.00 Open Account
15 Month2.00%1.98%$1000.00 Open Account
18 Month4.00%3.92%$1,000.00Open Account
2 Year4.00%3.92%$1,000.00Open Account
30 Month0.70%0.70%$1,000.00Open Account
32 Month**1.25%1.24%$1,000.00Open Account
3 Year*3.00%2.96%$1,000.00Open Account
4 Year*3.00%2.96%$1,000.00Open Account
58 Month**1.50%1.49%$1,000.00Open Account
5 Year*3.00%2.96%$1,000.00Open Account
*3, 4, & 5 Year CDs have a 1 Time Bump Up during the term of the cd. You will need to notify us by calling 401-739-4600 if you would like to bump up the rate.
** CD Special: The 32 Month CD will renew to a 30 Month CD at maturity and the 58 Month CD will renew to a 60 Month CD at maturity. These CD specials are not available for IRA money.
*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Rates effective 10/27/2022 and subject to change without notice. Fees or other conditions may reduce earnings on these accounts. Fees that may be applicable to deposit accounts can be found on the fee schedule. Penalty may apply for early withdrawal.  Special CD is not for IRA money. Limited Time Offer. Federally insured by NCUA