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Did You Know?


Please be aware that scammers are out there every day trying to trick you into giving them your account information. Some current scams being perpetrated:

Sweetheart Scam: Love is blind. A scammer romances you through online or direct contact, convinces you they are in love with you, and then uses your emotional attachment to empty your bank accounts or run up credit card debt.

Sweepstakes Scam: You won! Just like the TV commercials! They surprise you with a big paper check for millions. But these scammers ask you to also write them a check for taxes, fees, etc., before they hand over your windfall. DON’T! The big check is worthless. What’s real is – your money is gone!

Check Casher: Please help! Fraudster says they need cash fast. All you have to do is deposit this nice check. Just send them a small part of it and keep the rest. You do it, their check bounces, yours clears, they have your money – you have nothing.

Gift Card Scam: To pay, you are told to just go to the store, purchase a gift card, and send me the number and pin from the back. This is always a total scam. No legitimate company, government or enterprise would ask you to pay for anything this way. Once you have done this, it’s like handing over cash and you have virtually no chance to get your money back.

IF you have any questions or suspicions, just give us a call. Our staff can help you recognize a scam and keep your money safe!

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