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Did You Know?

It’s Your Biggest Investment. Choose Your Lender Wisely!

Whether you’re diving into the super-charged real estate market in search of a new home or looking to save money by refinancing, choosing the right mortgage for your individual need is perhaps the most important decision you will make. What’s the right down payment and the right term? Should you go with a fixed-rate or adjustable? Will my loan be callable before the term ends? Who will service my loan for all those years? The right answers to these questions and more can make the difference in how comfortably you can live with your loan today, tomorrow and for years to come.

So what are the right answers to all your questions? Well, the right answer to that question is, it depends on who you are. The answers are different for different individuals. The right loan for you is the right loan for your individual situation, not anyone else’s.
When you shop Greenwood Credit Union for a mortgage or refinancing, we immediately put you in touch with our Personal Mortgage Originator Shannon Melchione. Shannon will meet with you in person, by phone or Zoom, discuss your particular situation in detail, and help you determine the best option – for you! When you decide which low-interest Greenwood Mortgage Option is best for you, Shannon can get you pre-qualified and help you through the application process. Then she’ll be there with you all the way through to close!

To see more about the benefits of a Greenwood Mortgage click HERE or contact Shannon at 401-562-2729 or [email protected].