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Start Saving for That Special Something in The New Year!

Use our Club Accounts!

Vacations, next year’s holiday purchases, or that special something that you’ve got your eye on, Greenwood Club Accounts help you save a little each month and have money ready when you want it most!

How it Works:

Club accounts are separate savings accounts designed to help you organize your finances and save with ease. Like other savings accounts, club accounts earn interest on their balances. With a club account, many members decide to set up a fixed amount for an automatic deposit periodically, say every week, 2 weeks or monthly. You just “set it and forget it!” Then, when you need the money, it’s there! Whether you cover your entire vacation or holiday budget or just a portion, it’s money that’s available to you so that you don’t have to either deplete other savings or borrow!

Other Benefits

Another great way to use club accounts is to organize your savings. Are you saving for something specific, a wedding, vacation, home improvement, etc.? Maybe, some combination of all three? You can open as many club accounts as you need and set up separate deposits for each! This is a great way to stay on top of your financial goals and avoid unnecessary loan interest payments!

Learn more about Greenwood Club Accounts and open them here on our website.

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