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Community Corner

Greenwood Executives Appointed to Local, Regional Boards of Directors

Frederick Reinhardt,


The Cooperative Credit Union Association (CCUA) announces Frederick Reinhardt, President/CEO of Greenwood Credit Union, as its new Board Chair.

The CCUA works to support credit unions in the northeast region. Providing many services and resources to member credit unions, such as Greenwood, the CCUA also works tirelessly to advocate for and advance actions on issues that benefit credit union members. As new Board Chair, Fred will work to continue the organization’s decades of success in finding new opportunities and posting achievements for member credit unions and their members.


Holly Ferrara,

SVP Chief Lending Officer

Holly was installed on February 15, to begin serving her fourth term on the Board of the East Greenwich Chamber of Commerce. Holly has been instrumental in advancing the organization’s goal to promote civic and business progress in our community.

Chamber members provide the leadership support essential for the programs vital to community growth and development. It seeks to strengthen a sound, healthy business climate, maximize its human and economic resources, provide creative leadership in solving community problems, and promote the advantages and assets of our community within the area, the state, and the world.


Michael Aurecchia,

VP Retail Lending

VP of Retail Lending, Michael Aurecchia, has been appointed the Board Chair of the Central RI Chamber of Commerce.

The Central RI Chamber works with local businesses to help them better serve the community. Everything the Chamber does is in the name of building and strengthening the community, including helping businesses support each other and increasing work and social opportunities right here at home. Members are all community-focused and strive to give back and add more value to the local area when and where they can.


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