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Credit Card FAQs

All The Answers You Need!

Credit Card Upgrade FAQs


1. Why am I receiving a new Greenwood Credit Union VISA® card?

We are upgrading our existing credit card program. This upgrade will provide you with contactless technology, online access to view your account with enhanced self-service capabilities, and electronic statement availability.

2. When is the change to the credit card system?

The credit card system will change on March 21st.

3. Will I receive a new credit card?

Yes! You will receive a new card, with a new card number, security code and expiration date approximately one week prior to March 21st. The new card is a contactless card. You may use it by waving your card above the card reader anywhere you see the WiFi symbol.

4. Is my card number changing?

Yes, you will have a new card number and expiration date. Be sure to update any automatic payments from your current Credit Card with your NEW CARD NUMBER AND EXPIRATION DATE on or after March 21st. You will have to do this for each automatic payee you have – gym memberships, utility payments, subscriptions, Amazon, Apple, Dunkin, Netflix, etc. Auto payments to be processed on 3/21/22 or after must be changed to the new card number.

5. When can I start using my new card?

Continue to use your existing card through March 20th. On March 21st your old card will stop working and you can activate your new card and begin using it right away. Follow the activation instructions included with your new card.

6. Can I track my balance and transactions online?

Yes! Login to your online banking account at Follow the link to view your credit card. You can view your balance, payment history, transactions and even make payments on the website. To enroll in online banking go to and click on “Online Banking Enroll”.

7. Can I continue to use the MobiMoney app for card controls?

MobiMoney will not work with your new card. We have a great new app called Card Valet to help you easily manage your cards. Please download the Card Valet app on or after March 21st from the app store or google play. Card Valet makes it easy to turn your cards on or off in an instant for any reason, control transactions by category or dollar amounts and set and customize purchase alerts.


8. Will I continue to receive a credit card statement?

Yes, you will continue to receive a credit card statement as usual. The statement will look a little different, all purchase and payment history will be available on the statement for your review.

The statement date will change slightly from the 7th of every month to the 6th of every month. Your due date will remain the 3rd of the month.

9. Can I continue to use my digital wallet such as Apple Pay or Samsung Pay.

Apple Pay and Samsung Pay will not be immediately available on March 21st, but we are working with Apple and Google to get the digital wallets ready for use as soon as possible (it may take as long as 90 days to activate digital wallets). However, you can begin using the contactless option after activation.

10. How can I make my credit card payment?

There are three popular ways to make a credit card payment.

  • Log in to your online banking and click on the credit card link to view your credit card information and make payments online.
  • Use your bank’s bill pay. If you use bill pay today to make credit card payments, please be sure to update your bill payment with the new card number and payment address on or after March 21st.
  • Pay by mail. Your credit card statement will have a payment coupon that you can use to pay by mail. There will be a new address to mail your payment. Mail to PO Box 2711, Omaha, NE 68102-2711.

11. Where can I call for service or to report a lost or stolen card?

Call our dedicated service center – available 24 hours a day – to activate a card, report a card lost or stolen and answer inquiries at 1-800-240-1841.