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Loans the Way Your Want Them

Personal Loans for Any Purpose



Not everything is a major production. Sometimes you’ve just got to get away or you need some extra cash for holiday time, and you don’t want to tie up your credit card or pay the huge interest rates the store charge cards charge. When you need a vacation loan, holiday loan, debt consolidation or any other personal loan, we have the options to help!

Personal Loans and Debit Cards

Effective Date August 17, 2022

Personal Loan Rates

Loan TypeTermAPR*Loan AmountApply Online
Personal LoanUp to 12 Months11.00% - 17.25% depending on credit scoreUp to $10,000.00Apply Now
13 - 24 Months11.50% - 18.25% depending on credit scoreUp to $10,000.00Apply Now
25 - 36 Months12.00% - 20.25% depending on credit scoreUp to $10,000.00Apply Now
37 - 48 Months13.00% - 20.75% depending on credit scoreUp to $10,000.00Apply Now

Disclosure: *APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Rate based on credit score. Loan amount up to $10,000.

Repayment Examples

For personal loan payments: At 11.00% APR, 12 monthly payments of $88.38 per $1,000 borrowed
For personal loan payments: At 11.50% APR, 24 monthly payments of $46.84 per $1,000 borrowed
For personal loan payments: At 12.00% APR, 36 monthly payments of $33.21 per $1,000 borrowed
For personal loan payments: At 12.50% APR, 48 monthly payments of $26.83 per $1,000 borrowed


Quick, easy and accessible, a vacation loan from Greenwood Credit Union gives you something to smile about during your vacation and after! Lower than most credit card rates, our 12-month option charges you less but offers the same convenience! Just apply and have your proceeds deposited to your Greenwood checking account. Then, use your Greenwood Debit Card like a credit card to pay for expenses. It will do a better job of keeping you on your budget, plus you get the added convenience of withdrawing cash surcharge-free at any CO-OP ATM nearby. Find ATM locations here or in our mobile app.


Make your holidays lighter and brighter by leaving those high-interest store cards at home and financing your purchases with a Greenwood Personal Loan. Our 12-month repayment tool is perfect for this chore as it gives your greater purchasing power at holiday time yet offers a low interest rate and easy repayments to get back on track faster! Loan amounts up to $10,000 are available, and with your pre-determined amount, you’ll find it much easier to stick to your budget! Don’t let the holidays leave a lump of coal in your stocking! Apply for a Holiday Loan today!


Consolidate all of those miscellaneous bills into one easy, low-interest payment! If you have unruly debt, we can help you tackle it and get out from under it all – faster! Just enter your amount and then choose the term with the payments you can handle. Then just set it and forget it with automatic payments from your account. It’s just that easy to get back on track and get your healthy financial life back! Get started today!