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Did You Know?

There’s Always a Catch. Don’t Let it be YOU!

In the past, scammers would call, tell you you’ve won a grand prize and ask you to pay the taxes or other fees up front to collect your new fortune. Recently, these crooks have devised a new twist.

Now, the fraudsters will ask for personal information so that they can validate you and set up the payout. They’ll say, just give us your banking information and your Social Security number, and we’ll file with the IRS and take care of everything. However, all they’re taking care of is stealing your identity! You’ll never hear their voice again, but their contact with you and your money is just beginning! Usually, instead of quickly emptying your bank account, they’ll write small checks on your account to see whether you notice the fraudulent activity. If you don’t, they’ll continue to use the account to obtain credit cards and lines of credit in your name that they can siphon off, giving them a potentially bigger payday down the road.

What to do

Try not to answer calls from unknown numbers, even if the call is identified on Caller ID. Let it go to voicemail and then delete it if you believe it’s a sweepstakes you have no knowledge of entering. Most legitimate sweepstakes give you contact information when you enter, so if you think you really may have won, use that contact information. If you accidentally answer such a call, never give out your personal information over the phone to someone who calls you. Also, always check your monthly statements to make sure all transactions are legit.


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