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Did You Know?

Tame Your Credit Card Debt or Grab a Good Rate Before They Rise.

Your home could save you – big!

While the Fed continues to battle inflation by raising interest rates, your debt may be feeling more and more of the pinch! The good news: with home values at all-time highs, you may have hidden equity you can use to secure a way better rate for your high-interest debt. Also, if you know you’ll need to borrow sometime soon for a project or expense, you can take out a loan now and hedge against the potential for higher rates down the road.

Greenwood Home Equity Loans have fixed low rates, with no closing costs. If you have credit card debt, in many cases that could cut your interest rate substantially! Even if you have a decent credit card rate, your savings could still be significant. Check out our rates here.

To find out more or for guidance on how this strategy could benefit you, just give us a call at 401-739-4600 or visit

Greenwood FIXED RATE Home Equity Loan 600

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